Welcome to Flight World!


Yet another flight simulator?

Flight World is not a flight simulator in a traditional sense, it's a commercial jetliner game with gameplay designed for handheld devices.

It has several features to keep you busy and entertained while playing, leaving

endless autopilot-waiting out of the experience.



Fly either manual or using autopilot, follow ATC's instructions.

Keep your passangers filled and keep the plane clean and tidy. Quickly respond to any passanger triggering the flight attendent call.

Watch out for areas of turbulence or flock of birds.

Fill up your aircraft with passangers. The better reputation you have gained the higher seat price you can ask


Exciting Features

The entire world with height data and satellite imagery.

All major airports and runways.

Air Traffic Controllers for all countries helping you navigating to your destination.

Realtime real world weather updating while flying.



What's available right now?

● All major airports available as departure or destination. Everything in your mobile phone for offline gaming!

● Air Traffic Controller guides you exactly how to fly - spoken and text. For all airports and center controllers.

● Real world realtime weather data for any location. (internet connection required)

● Weather settings for offline gaming.

● Time settings with ability to sync to device clock.

● Flight attendant gameplay while flying.

● Easy to use instrument landing system.

● Multiple aircrafts and airlines(more coming)

● Satellite imagery (internet connetion required)